Digital marketing innovation strategist and entrepreneur. Ex-expat living in NYC.

  • Director of Digital Strategy and Operations at NielsenIQ, the world’s leading consumer intelligence company. We deliver the most complete understanding of consumer buying behavior with point of sale coverage of 90% of the world’s population.
  • Speaker at conferences in 8 countries.
  • Help run a science-based SEO community that tests and measures organic search ranking factors.
  • Scaled an e-commerce brand from $1.8 to $14MM in annual recurring revenue in two years at an 9x ROAS.
  • Co-founded a marketing platform that was acquired by Twitter after doing $8MM in revenue in the first six months after launch.
  • Third employee at L2 Inc, a luxury brand think tank acquired by Gartner Marketing.

When I’m not building online experiences, I love to eat, sail, and run. Lately, I’ve been really into calisthenics.